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TV Outlet Installation

Do you require a TV outlet installation? Rather than putting up with poor reception from an old 'rabbit ears' antenna on the second TV, consider installing another TV outlet. It can usually be connected to your current roof antenna, which is the best place for the antenna to receive the highest quality digital tv reception.

We use high quality quad shield RG6 cabling and waterproof compression connectors to ensure that interference does not disturb your viewing. If interference from electrical appliances or light switches is making your TV pixellate or lose signal, it's also an opportune time to re-run existing cabling that needs upgrading.

When you call Ben's Antenna & Home Theatre for your additional TV outlet installation you can be assured that we can almost always install the TV outlet exactly where you want it. External walls or internal walls with noggings are no challenge for us to run the cabling. We also try to select the TV outlet plate that matches the style of your power points and other wall outlet plates so the style is kept uniform throughout your house.

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