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Digital TV Antenna Installation in Jamisontown

Do you need a new digital TV antenna installed in Jamisontown, NSW? Are lines or pixellation stopping you from enjoying your favorite TV program? Have you recently purchased a new house that is lacking an antenna system?

Ben's Antenna & Home Theatre Jamisontown are the digital TV reception specialists. Our technicians are local and experienced in providing the correct antenna system to suit your area. We carry a range of Australian made digital TV antennas specifically tuned to pick up the maximum strength and highest quality signal at your location. We can select and install the proper masting system to lift the antenna away from sources of interference, such as neighbouring buildings and trees.

Quality Installation

At Ben's Antenna & Home Theatre we pride ourselves on our attention to every detail. We only use the premium range of Australian made digital TV antennas and non penetrable tripod masting system, to ensure that your viewing experience won't be disturbed due to subpar components. We use high quality quad shield RG6 cabling and waterproof compression connectors. All cabling is secured with UV stabilised cable ties. It is our aim to provide high quality components and an installation service to match. You can trust that Ben's Antenna & Home Theatre will take all steps required to complete your job to the highest standard of workmanship.

Digital TV Reception

We use a digital field meter to display detailed information about the TV signal at all points of the installation, from the digital TV antenna, amplifier and splitter, to the TV outlets on your wall. By analysing the measured parameters; bit error ratio (BER), modulation error ratio (MER), signal to noise ratio (SNR), and signal strength in dBuV, we are able to ensure the signal received is of a high quality and away from the digital "cliff", allowing for error free reception regardless of weather conditions.

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